Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Passing Technology and What to Call It

We all have tons of online accounts, and emails, user names, passwords and the like. So, when I decided to set up this blogspot, who knew I would go completely blank trying to come up with a "title" and an http address. Most of the "usernames" i have from the past are...precisely...from the past. So, to come up with a "new" name that reflects who I am today took some serious thinking. Why do I make this such a big deal? It's like naming a pet. It's something that's gotta be catchy and easy to remember. Not to mention it needs to "describe" a personality that I want to portray. Ooh think, think think. And it's 1 am and thinking at this time of night can be sketchy, to say the least. So, tomorrow I may feel that Laughing Through This Crazy Life is completely stupid and I'll try to figure out if it can be changed or if I'll have to delete it all and start over. Which is completely fine since I have no followers as of yet.
So, speaking of, I found this blog site from a few friends who blog here. I used to blog. But of course on a site that no one ever uses now. Then on to another site that, of course, no one uses either. So, now I'm on to my third site for blogging. I just need to figure out how to use all the little gagdets and such on here. And how to link it back to my facebook.
Facebook is my lifeline at this point of my life. It used to be yahoo 360. then myspace. Now, its facebook. I refuse to give in to the twitter phase. facebook is enough for me thanks.

So, here we go. A place for my thoughts, stories, anecdotes (did i spell that right?), and maybe a few random vents. And I say random because the medication has helped with that these days. HAHA
The best thing in life is sharing yourself with others. Especially when you can laugh at yourself. And to have others laugh with ya is just a great feeling!

Okay enough for now. Gotta figure out this whole thing tomorrow when my brain isn't so fuzzy.