Monday, December 31, 2012

A look back and a look forward

I sit here thinking back on 2012, just as most people are today. Where have we been and just look how far we've come has been the biggest things on my mind. Leaving the military life was oh so bittersweet. And it's definitely been a change. It's weird because I've been the civilian. I've lived in the regular world. But just the past six years have changed so much in my life. How I see things. And the way I live my life. 2012 has been a journey that's for sure. We went through good times, bad times, happy times, and rough times. Just as most everyone else in the world would go through in a 12 month period. And even now, being where we are, it's still somewhat surreal on certain days. It's hard to believe we're back home. It's hard to believe we have family just down the street that we can visit anytime we want. We don't take those things for granted. We've learned to appreciate the small things.
Having a home and plans for the future. A steady job/income. Our health may not be perfect but at least we're able to have doctors and support.
I'm so thankful for where we are today. Even if the road was challenging.

Looking forward to the future and the upcoming year, there's things I want to do, need to do. I want the stability of being home and not having to worry about my husband being in a foreign country. And we'll get that. It's an achievable goal. I want my family to be happy and healthy.

People always want "better". And life is not excluded in that description. But you have to make it better. It's not going to be handed out.

So, for 2013, I think I need to redirect my focus again. It's not all about the army, or my husband's career. It's about our family. It's about how each of us as individuals come together to make the whole. And we each have a chapter to input to the story.
I'm ready for the new year. This is gonna be the best part of our story yet. We're gonna make it that way!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am so honored!!!

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine asked me to write a blog to appear on her website. The amazing Her War Her Voice group that I have come to hold dear to my heart, including the ladies that participate. blog post was published on their webpage.

Can I just say I am so honored to have been asked.

Here's the link to what I wrote....

How Did I Get Here?

I look forward to writing more posts for the website and hopefully something I say will connect and make a difference for someone!! Because there have been so many things associated with this group that have touched my life and have made such an impact. I can only hope I can do the same.

Love you bunches Melissa & Christina and I LOVE YOU both for everything you are and everything you do!!!

My mentors, my Warrior Sisters!!!