Monday, September 12, 2011

We Got Orders

I'd like to apologize for the slack in my blogging lately. Things have been busy and a little bit stressful.

So, on to the big stuff. Life for us has been turned topsy-turvy.  We got orders.  For those who don't know what that means.....we're moving. And its not just a simple statewide move. We're moving to Korea.  I've known for a while. But we just got the orders in hand and I didn't want to announce it until I had talked with my family and employer.

When I first found out, I cried. And I mean...I really cried. Not at the thought of going somewhere new, but because it's in a different country. Somehow that just makes it seem more dramatic/drastic...I don't know.  I have great friends here. I have family in the states whom I barely see now as it is. And the thought of two years in a foreign country and not being able to see any of them had me pretty upset.  But the only thing I could do was to jump in and find out more about where we'll be living. So, we started researching and checking out all the info we could on the place and where we would possibly be living.  I have to say, information is very scarce unless you know how to look for it.  Once we started finding more information, I guess we became intrigued and curious. Granted, I'm still scared out of my mind. I'm more worried and stressed out over the process of moving to a foreign country.  I've heard about friends moving to Germany and it just didn't seem to be as complicated as this. Or maybe in my mind its not as complicated. Because I've let everything just explode into a huge mess in my head right now and I can't seem to make sense of it anymore. 

Now, I've done a PCS move before (for you civilians its a Permanent Change of duty Station). But it was state side. And it was a piece of cake.  We didn't have to worry about shipping our vehicle (or if we even could). We had a weight limit but nothing as small as what we're allowed to take to Korea. It's just a whole new set of restrictions that you don't normally think about.
We have a fairly large house here. But when we move there, we'll be at half the size (at least) as we have now. At least that's what we're assuming. And we have ALOT of furniture...alot of BIG furniture.
So, we're now beginning  to decide what goes with us and what we need to get rid of and what needs to go to storage.   My friends have all offered to come over and put their initials on all the furniture they want. I don't see this going well. LOL  They've already mentioned everything in the house would have their initials on it. At that rate, we'll have nothing left to ship.

If I stand back and think about the big picture, I know it's going to be alright. Everything always comes out in the wash... right? But right now, the whole not knowing process has been very frustrating and overwhelming. I've had nightmares about it the past few nights. Worrying in my sleep about getting to the airport late and having to fit 5 bags into 1 because we can't take that many carry-ons, among other things. I seriously have let my mind and worries run rampant.

My family, friends, and coworkers have all told me I can't go. But imagine the experience we're going to have. Would anyone deny that for us? (well besides Uncle Sam)  I'm sure I'll have a serious culture shock, but I am looking forward to it. It's definitely going to be an experience...and one that I'll be sharing with you all here...with my monkeys. :)

later ya'll


  1. I know it's probably so stressful right now trying to plan the unknown, but once the whole moving process is over and you're there experiencing it, it will be worth it! I wish I would have gotten a chance to be stationed overseas while I was in (aside from Iraq- that wasn't fun, lol) I know it'll be tough thinking about how far away your family is- but kinda like a deployment, it may seem long at first, but it'll be over before you know it and you'll probably be a little sad to leave! Good luck in everything and I hope you really enjoy the experience :)

  2. yes, the answer to your question is yes, I would stay here for you :P

  3. :( this makes me sad...all over again.

  4. Juan was at Casey in 2002/03 and LOVED it. He wants to go back so bad (with family of course!). If you have any questions, just email me. He's still home this week.

    Just remember living abroad is completely different because they view living space as small. lol