Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brain Dump

This week has been a little crazy. I've started to blog many times only to sit here staring at the screen. I have so many random thoughts running through my head and I just can't seem to gather them together to make anything the least big coherent. So, today's blog may just be a bit random...a brain dump if you will.

~ I think everyone at work/school is suffering from the same ailment. It's either a cold going around or everyone in Kansas has allergy problems right now. Including me. Mine didn't catch up to me until Friday evening. I got home from work and was asleep by 4:30. Sleeping all evening AND through the night until the next morning is something I highly recommend. Not all the time. Just occasionally.  Good stuff.

~ The weather today has been amazing.  It's been over 100 degrees for so long and then today having 79-80 degree temps has been such a drastic change.
  We'll all be sick again tomorrow. just saying

~ Sometimes I wonder if I really know what the heck is going on in my life. I mean being in the military there are alot of times where you're in limbo. Most of us have heard the phrase "hurry up and wait".  Which has been pinned to the army on pretty much everything from paperwork, to doctor's appointments, to waiting in line for something.
  Today I have that limbo feeling. It's a little unsettling sometimes if you allow the out of control thoughts get to you. Because technically, you have no control!  But isn't life pretty much like that anyway? 

~ I've been trying to walk and get a little bit of exercise in this past week.  I have lost a good 8 pounds since school/work has started. Which is an awesome thing. Because it's only been two weeks. :)  I'm hoping this is a good beginning that will lead to motivation for me to keep at it.

~ My oldest daughter is in a place in her life that I just feel downright happy for her. I feel deep down this could be a good thing. :)

~ Had a great day today with most of my girls (meaning my army wives).  We can sit and talk smack and laugh for hours.

~ I went walking again tonight with Whitney. We ended up getting caught out in the dark. lol guess we'll learn to put a reflective belt on the jogging stroller next time. oh well. good times!

~ For the took me all day to do this blog. As insignificant as the brain dumping may seem.

~ Hopefully tomorrow I can pull together a cohesive thought.

~ I'm calling this brain dump done. My head hurts.

later ya'll

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