Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are we not all human here?

There are, more often than not, things that happen in life that you just don't understand.  Most of them are to teach you something, whether you know it or not.  Some of them are because you are either in direct relationship with whomever or whatever it is happening to.  Then there are those that you put yourself into for one reason or another, whether purposefully or not.
I don't necessarily see that the latest events in my life are happening "to me" but are happening because it's time to learn something and the fact that I am in direct relationship with the circumstances.  These events are things that I have not, nor will not, mention at the present time.
All I can say is that I pray that I can be supportive without being weak. 
My whole world has yet again been turned topsy-turvy. And the worst part again, has been the lack of control. Hell, I don't even have full knowledge of these circumstances...let alone control.
Not knowing what is going on makes it hard to know how to react. So out of desperation, you grasp at whatever you can and hope to make sense of it. Which usually ends up in a train wreck because you tend to over-analyze everything.
Just like this blog. Most people are probably racking their brains right now trying to figure out what the hell I'm talking about. Why I'm being so cryptic. This is a very personal matter right now but I need to vent. I need to let out frustrations. I don't have any other outlet right now and this has to be it.

I understand there are rules, laws, regulations.  And if anyone is going to be following them, it would be me. But lets think about what's right and wrong here. Let's think that suppose while you're following your rules and regulations that there is a ...gasp...dare I say??....a human being who is being affected by the outcome of your restrictions. I understand things are set in place for the protection of others.  But there are situations where all someone may need is a simple "I understand" ....a little compassion. It's not like I'm going to cause a riot or do anything rash. Granted they probably don't know that. But seriously. How can we make it through this world without being personable and being human? We're not all robots and/or politicians. Who we all know politicians bend the rules anyway they want to. Maybe that's what I need to do. Learn how to be a politician to get things taken care of. I mean they seem to know how to get what they want/need anyway.

Okay for now...this is all I can say. I could go on ranting but I'm just too emotionally drained to keep figuring out how to say what I want to say without saying more than I want to say. (that was alot right there)

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  1. I love you seester. You just say the word and I'll come out there if I have to steal money for a ticket, hitch-hike or whatever, and get all redneck white girl for ya!