Friday, September 23, 2011

Guess What....I'm Country Ya'll

Today, I had a conversation with my boss which started out with my stomach growling and me saying "I'm so hungry my stomach is gnawing on my backbone". Those of you who know me have heard me say this for many years. It's just a thing. So that led to the "I'm so full you couldn't lay me down on the floor, pry my mouth open, and shove another bite down my throat."  (Yes...that too is something I have said in the past and came from my days with a group of very colorful friends in Tennessee.)
At this point, I was asked if I was "southern" or "country".  So being from Virginia...technically growing up in West Virginia...and then being a Tennessee transplant by marriage, I claim to be more country than southern. Because if you think about technical geography, I'm sort of borderline on the whole Southern latitude/longitude bearings.  I do say I'm southern (pronounced suh - thuhn) because I do have problems with saying anything containing "ar" sounds. for wonderful husband's name is Charles. Pronounced in my world...Chawles. And yes I have to make a conscious effort when I say his name to make sure I don't drag the southern drawl out too much.
I get alot of comments on my accent especially being here in Kansas. Home of the normal midwestern American language.  They sound like normal people on most tv shows do. Well...most of them. Except we are in a military town so there's a huge mix of accents. To quote the history teacher at the school I work at....this is a melting pot of cultures. And its so true. My crew of girls I hang out with here are from all over. From Minnesota (yah) to Kentucky to Texas. Put us all together and we're like the Spice Girls of Kansas.

Funny story.... as you know, I work at a school. Well, today one of the students had the hiccups after lunch really bad. They looked painful. Kids were giggling every time she hiccuped. So, during class I just quietly and casually walked by the front of her desk and slid a nickel to her and said "I'll buy them from you." 
She looks at me puzzled and says "what?"
I said, "I'll buy them from you. Your hiccups." and pushed the nickel closer to her. She just kept staring at me strangely and as I walked away I said "they're gone".
I stood on the side of the classroom, all the while, she kept looking at the nickel then back at me out of the corner of her eye. She finally said "How did you do that? You kinda scared me!"
I explained to her that the whole thing caught her off guard which made her re-adjust her breathing, etc, causing the hiccups to disappear.
So, now I guess I'm a witch too. HAHA I can only imagine what the kids will say! hehehe

So not only am I country...but a witch as well. haha Life is good!

later ya'll


  1. Ya know... I don't skip saying the ar sound... i prolong it. It's not Chawles... it's Chaaaarrrrles. LOL You've been transplanted too much. You're losing your hickness. :) Love ya!