Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saying "See You Later"

One of the toughest things to do being a military spouse is having to leave or watch someone else leave.  There's the given deployments and saying "see you later" to your husband (or wife) which is hard enough all in itself.  Then there are friendships that are created during military lives that can mean as much to you as anything else. These people that fill in for family when you're away from your own.  They even in some cases fill in aspects of a marriage. We, in our little circle of friends, consider each other everything from "Deployment Hubby" to "Deployment Wifey" to "Army momma".   We are all there for each other on a daily basis. Just like a family would be. We call each other in the middle of the night when you just can't stand being alone anymore. We're there for coffee every morning. Cookouts every summer. Playdates. Birthday parties. When someone gets sick and just needs a helping hand. And so much more!
There have been a few best friends, bff's, battle buddies in my life who at one point or another due to the military have been taken away from me due to the military lifestyle. And though we expect it, you don't have to like it. I've had a few battle buddies since I became an army wife.  All of which I don't live near anymore (except for the current deployment wifey).  And you always say you're gonna stay in touch and nothing changes except the distance between you.  But honestly, things do change. You get new lives. The phone calls dwindle. The emails become few and far between.  But you can always know that in your mind (and your heart) that you will always have that friend there if you need them. Whether you call them to vent or cry or drop an email to just catch up.
I have a close circle of friends here in Kansas.  We've all come different walks of life, different places in the country. We are definitely a diverse group and have each seen life through different colored glasses. Our experiences in life make us who we are. And to merge your life with someone else broadens that horizon even more. Because you see things from a new perspective.  You learn different things about the world and yourself.  These relationships I have with my friends are priceless and nothing I would ever want to lose.
Fifty years from now, I can look back on my life as an army wife and I'll remember the places I've been, the deployments and hardships we've gone through. But what I'll remember most is the people I've met along the way.
And for that I'm grateful for being an Army Wife! HOOAH!

Love to all my Battle Buddies out Kansas and around the world!


  1. Aaaaw. That's so sweet. When you said you all have "seen life through different colored glasses", and "to merge your life with someone else broadens that horizon even more", I could imagine you and your army friends as beautiful rays of the sun. You all may be different shades and hues, but you blend together to make the most amazing sunsets and sunrises. I'm so glad you have your army family. Hooah!

  2. Oh and another thing this reminded me of... remember when Pappaw V. would always tell us to not say "goodbye"... that you should always say "so long."

  3. well Jesus SHARI i am bawling. I like to think that no one is going anywhere and this is who we are and were we all need to be. in 2 plus years there has been no drama with us and we have been there no matter what. You know it is a lot like a marriage, you merge all these different lifestyles and ways of doing things to learn other things, and learn new people. Learn to live a new wife. But Shari there will never ever be a deployment husband even close to you, nor will be a better army momma in the world. I dont know what Kansas would be like without you and I really dont want to find out. I want things to go my way and for you to stay. I dont know if i can forgive the army for taking away both of my hubbies at the same time, and im not sure what i will do, but i will stay in touch and i will love you all the same. I know i say I dont want you to go, but I know you want to experience Korea and thats where the army needs you now. Really sucks on this end, but i am excited for you (no i wouldnt trade places) but i am so excited to hear about all your adventures and see all your pictures and know that you are ok. Ill still be here in the middle of the night when you need to vent. (because when your married that has to be done) and ill web cam bbq and cry and laugh with you. Adn we will all be headed out soon so im glad you got a good place even if its a world away. You wont get that chance again if you dont grab it now. it wont be the same, and your leaving me with EF LMAO oh dear god save whitney as she has to go through life with EF and no hubby.... I love you shari