Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Deployment - R&R Advise

Here's five of my own personal tips of advise that I want to share with my fellow Army Wives who are currently or about to embark on their first separation from their husbands due to deployments.

1)  Cry if you want to. Just do it and get it over with and get back to your business. There's too much to do to sit around crying for days on end. Have a mourning day and pick yourself up.

2) chocolate helps.

3) if chocolate is not an option (why wouldn't it be though?? really??) any other personal indulgence in small to moderate amounts will suffice.

4)  Let me say a little about R&R.  I'll try not to stay on my soap box for long on this one.
- R&R can be bittersweet. Your "routine" you've set to deal with the deployment has been interrupted with your pre-deployment routine.  It's wonderful and crazy at the same time.  Enjoy it and be flexible. period.

  - Your friend's hubby's r&r can also be bittersweet. While you are happy for your friend you are sad and jealous that it's not you. Be understanding. The roles will be reversed.

- IF you are a wife who's husband is NOT deployed with your fellow wives' husbands...you have to understand....those two weeks are precious to her and its all she has out of a year. DO NOT try to cut in on her time with her husband. If she freely offers it up...okay. But don't butt in for 15 days.

 - Shave your legs (etc). nuff said

5)  Choose your battles.  Somethings are just not worth the hurt/anger/upset feelings thousands of miles between the two of you. Sleep on it and if its still an issue the next day...then confront it. Added stress over petty issues is just irresponsible.

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