Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Spirit of the Game (Eye Candy)

If you've ever been to a military installation, you know there are security gates one must present proper identification and in some situations go through vehicle inspections, etc.  Those of us who visit/work or live on a military installation have grown accustomed to this. It's a normal everyday thing.
It's always interesting to see the different personalities, as you could imagine, that the gate guards/mp's have.  Occasionally you'll get the grouchy one who is all business. But for the most part people don't mind being...human. It's good to always get a "nice" guard or one that will b.s. with you. Just cause you don't want to come in contact with a negative guard. Right?
I've gone through the gate before and had random trivia questions thrown at me. When I didn't know the answer, they wouldn't tell me(I think they honestly didn't know).  So of course I had to go home and google it. I've gone through many vehicle inspections. Which are usually tolerable...but some don't goof around too much in those situations. They take that crap serious!
My husband always feels like going through the gate is like hitting pit row in Nascar.  It's important to know which gate to go through...left or order to gain a position (meaning you move ahead of car(s) in line in front of you). You begin watching the line as you pull closer to the gate. Which vehicles look like they're gonna take a while (more people = more id's). When he gains position(s)'s like he's in Victory Lane! lol
For us ladies though, we have our own game. When we drive up to the gate and you have to make that last minute decision whether to go right or this point you can't see if it's a hired security gate guard or an mp. And as we all know...soldiers in uniform are way hotter than security guards in uniform. (nothing wrong with a little eye candy.)  So...the game is to get the cute MP at the gate.  If you get a female mp/ points**.  Gate points. MP...SCORE!  Especially if he's hot. If he's but ugly you could lose points.
Now mind you...we're technically not keeping points. We just say we are all in the spirit of the game.

So, this was always an "army wife" kinda game between me and my friends.  Until the day we (as a family) went through the gate and my daughter blurts out "NO points for you mom!!"
REALLY? then I had to explain to my husband what she was talking about.  lol
But at least now my husband knows so as we went through the gate earlier today, He got a cute mp and my daughter announces "10 points for you Charlie!!" LOL

Enjoy the game!

**No offense to any female military members! We love you girls!!! Hooah!!!


  1. LOL reminds me of threatening to hit people with white shoes. 100 points!!!

  2. you forgot the part where you and I made up this game and then you threw my under the bus when i got my wisdom teeth out and brought me through to the POINTS!!!!! head wrap, swollen face, drolling and all lmao hmmm maybe i will blog about that, though that would mean explaining to my husband the game ha love you

  3. dear whitney dont worry shari explained all the rules right there. love your secret admirer