Thursday, August 18, 2011

School, Commercials and Bobble-Heads

My sister has told me a few times now that I need to do another blog. So here it is.
Only...I can't keep a complete thought lately. Everything is flying around in little pieces and occasionally two of them collide and stick together to make a partial thought. Which is about how the last three sentences were made.

I've gone back to work this week. Yep...schools back in session. Summer's over. Sadness.  School's not that bad really. I like being back at work. I've definitely missed the paycheck thats for darn sure. One of the drawbacks to working in the school system. 
But now that I'm back at work, I'm completely exhausted. The arthritis is flaring up. The leg pain is horrible. wah wah wah. I know.  Another reason why I hadn't thought about blogging because everything was gonna turn out to be a whine. Sorry ya'll.

So I'm sure you all have seen tons of the back to school commercials for the department stores, etc.  Well....there's one, (and I can't for the life of me remember which store its for) where there's a music teacher and he sings this little jingle about what kids need for school so they'll be "cool".  Well the song is so catchy and horrible its funny! My daughter is a gifted singer.  She can pick up on jingles and songs so fast.  Hubby and I made her watch this commercial today and I told her if she ever started singing it (especially the "shoes" part. haha) I would punch her in the face (I really wouldn't....but just trying to prove a point).   So immediately she starts bobbing her head like it's a radio hit! And of course....she starts singing it. But she couldn't pick up on all the words that fast so it came out a little like this:   Something...Something...Jeans....Shawn White Hoodie....leggings...Jeans.  
OOOH!!!  I think it's a Target commercial. 
Okay....I actually looked it up on youtube and here's the video..............enjoy (I know it just took me forever to actually do that)

it's so bad I love it!!!  And now I'm sure my daughter is gonna learn the song and I'll be hearing more of it. Joy!

It's almost like hearing teenagers singing a song about dancing like a bobble head.  Is this for real? Tell me this isn't a real song??? I did however have an amazingly hearty laugh over it at the time. 
I love the random things teenagers do.  Makes me laugh and keeps me young.

it's gonna be a good year!! ;)

PS....wouldn't it be amazing if I had a bobble-head monkey??? I need to keep my eye out for one of those.

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  1. yaaay you blogged! i can see you guys doing that commercial. LOL