Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chewing the fat...

I've been trying to think of what to blog about the past few days. The basic day to day grind would have turned out to be more of a grocery list of complaints and mundane chores. So, I skipped all that.  Today, however, from the time I woke up, all I could think about was bacon.  Yeah...bacon. Let me explain before you decide I've completely lost it.
My family and I always have turkey bacon.  That's what my husband grew up on, that's what his kids grew up on. Me and my kids however, come from Virginia and we grew up on REAL pork bacon.
Growing up in the country, I remember daddy and my uncles slaughtering a hog and the "fat back" and pork we had for what seemed like forever after that from that one hog. Now that's gooooood salty bacon!!!
Don't get me wrong...I like turkey bacon. And in my constant quest of "trying" to eat healthy, turkey bacon is the one thing that I think I'm making a successful attempt. That was my "lifestyle change".  But every once in a while...I just want some REAL bacon. The salty flavor...the texture is different. You can even chew on the fat and it's tastes good!! It just takes me back to being a kid in the mountains where everything that was put on the table tasted better with bacon or bacon grease on it.
I made real bacon once a while back and my husband's kids didn't understand why it tasted different.  I was appalled!! "it's BACON! REAL BACON! Not the turkey variety!! it's a REAL pig!!"  They still didn't like it as good.
I just don't understand.

It's odd how when you grow up certain things just become "so".  That's what you know...that's what you like...and nothing else changes that.  You grow up doing things in a certain routine. Doing things a certain way.  Like the toilet paper rolling over instead of under.'s a lifestyle! You could change it. But why would you want to? It works better this way!
But then there are certain things in your life that you should change, try to change, need to change. But as you grow up and continue on with your life the repetitive actions just happen and pass on by. Day after day. 

Four years ago, I made a change from real bacon to turkey bacon.  Today though, I'm revisiting my childhood and having some good ole bacon. Although my arteries probably don't appreciate it, my taste buds will. And I'll have bacon with my pancakes, and then BLT's for lunch. It's a bacon-y kind of day.

(And yes, I think it's completely odd I just devoted a blog to bacon. LOL)

So...good morning ya'll! It's time to throw that bacon in a pan! ;)


  1. I don't think it's odd at all. I love bacon! All things bacon. Everything is better with bacon!! Eat bacon seester... and enjoy it!!

  2. Mmmmmm....Bacon... :D

  3. Bacon is a food category for my family except foe me. I'm the one that may have one or two pieces and that is it. All the others would kill for another slice.

    As for turkey bacon... think "We don't eat no stinking turkey bacon".... yeah if it ain't real pork, don't serve it in this house or waste your time. They would rather go without. ;)

  4. I agree with Tricia. Turkey bacon? pssssht. Not happening.
    As for me... when I cook bacon, 9 times out of 10 I will make 2 packages... simply because I can eat one by myself. :D

  5. Oh, and thanks sister for this blog. I am now cooking TWO packs of bacon to go with the gravy and biscuits we're having for supper. :) Nom nom nom.