Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One day at a time....

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

So true.
And it's like the saying about You'll never see the trees if you keep looking at the forest.
mmm hmmmm

I'm a here and now kind of person. Live in the moment. Granted, it's good to have goals and a plan for the future. But gotta just live for the now.

And God love my husband, he doesn't remember things like he used to. So, he's always going over things in his mind and asks me the same things over and over not realizing we've discussed it before. From my end...I can usually tolerate it. But catch me on "one of those days" and I know I don't handle it the way I probably should. (I'm sorry honey) Not to can you repeatedly tell someone something like that without them getting angry or frustrated? It's hard really. What do you do?

And we know we're leaving. This stupid yo-yo roller coaster ride with dates and such is getting pretty old. My daughter is already having a hard enough time adjusting to leaving. So, to be able to enjoy the time we have left here would be wonderful. Without being hell-bent on going.  We may not absolutely LOVE it here. But we don't hate it. And we do love some of the things/people here. So, why can't we enjoy the time we have left. We shouldn't make ourselves hate it so we can go go go faster when the army isn't going to let it happen like that. We're along for the I'm taking pictures.

It's spring break this week. It pretty much sucks so far. Between a severe allergy attack that kept me in bed for almost four days and nothing but rain rain rain, I'd like to request a do-over. Starting.....hmmm...NOW!!
If only...

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