Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nothing is certain...

I'm feeling a bit bipolar the last few days. Too many highs and lows in my moods for my liking. Maybe it's hormonal instead of bipolar. Oh but wait...they're very similar.

My daughter had her last choir concert at the high school she attends the other night. Those kids are amazing. Here's a peek............ (warning...I'm a photographer...not a videographer! lol)

I wish I had half of their talent!!
This video is the song the Women's Ensemble sang and received a Superior (1) ranking and went to state competition. My daughter is the blonde with the low ponytail to the side (if you haven't figured it out).

I'm so proud of my daughter!!!

After the concert though, she started crying because it's the last time she'll be singing with these kids. :( I can't even explain how much that broke my heart. It's nothing I can do to change it. On the way home, I was lost in thought about something a friend said for my Operation Me:Project Army Wife project. She said (I am paraphrasing) "Nothing is certain but change".
It's so true. I thought of that the whole night after and it completely bummed me out.
The school year is winding to a close and I'll soon be unemployed. As well as displaced from the military lifestyle soon enough after. It's so scary.

I hope and pray the next few months don't kill us with anticipation or worry of things to come.
And I'm hoping to enjoy time with my friends and getting out to see things here in the midwest before we move back home. I may as well live it up while we're still here.

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