Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On my soapbox...How unprofessional of you!!!

I gotta say something that has really rubbed me the wrong way...yet again.
It really annoys me when you are a "professional" in your field but find it necessary to bad mouth amateurs who, from what I've been told, are doing the exact same thing you did to get started. I find it very unprofessional and very unbecoming.  I can understand it takes alot of work to get to the point that you are at. I'm sure you have put in the sweat and tears to get there.  But it's very hypocritical when you were that same person years ago. Why would you bad-mouth someone who is trying? Do you feel threatened? Do you feel like you need to keep the upperhand on the market? Believe me, honey, you're not going to lose any clients because of someone else trying and making mistakes. Your work is amazing. Why would you feel the need to talk trash about someone else? If you were to lose clients, it would be because of your unprofessionalism by talking trash about others who do have the guts to go out and make an effort in their life.
I just find the whole situation in very poor taste. And I find it offensive to ALL amateurs. I AM an amateur who IS attending school and learning how to use my equipment the correct way. Granted, not everyone does that.  NOT EVERYONE goes to school for this do they?  But if someone is learning and making themselves better, to have a "professional" like you put them down, especially when so many people look up to you, just goes to show that other people's dreams and hopes are of no concern to you. I have questioned my own abilities before, but seeing crap like what you say makes me want to try even harder just to prove you wrong. I'm so glad those comments weren't about me. But needless to say, It still infuriates me.
Think about where you started with your career. Try to put yourself in their position.

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