Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hindsight and Me vs. the curb

I can't believe it's Sunday, again, and I don't remember Friday and Saturday. I think that's because I've been working the past several weekends. Working, meaning photography stuff and photo my second job.  In the past week, I've done 5 photo shoots, which include a wedding. I think this is amazing!  But of course, I'm still busy even after the shoots are over. I have tons of edits to do. Only two shoots left to edit, one of course being the wedding which will take some time.  But, now, here we are at Sunday and I think I have another mini shoot today. I have to check my schedule.
In hindsight, after the wedding yesterday, I thought of so many poses and shots that I would have loved to have taken. Things that I had in mind before, but through all the busy activities of the day, just didn't happen. This being my first big wedding, I have definitely learned a few organization lessons and a few other lessons that will help me in the future.
I have to say though, the one lesson that made the biggest impact on me was that I wore these black boots that I ALWAYS wear. Because they're pretty comfy and the heel on them isn't obnoxious and I can actually walk in them for a good amount of time without having problems from all my ailments. But, as it happens, my family is vertically challenged. Not meaning that we're short...meaning that we have a hard time staying on our feet, as in....walking. This can also be known as gracefully challenged. As I was leaving for the wedding yesterday, I stepped out off the curb and as my luck would have it, I rolled my ankle and fell on my butt. And when I say on my butt...I mean the right cheek from the leg to the part that technically should be the lower back and it connected completely with the curb and street. Today I feel as if someone has kicked me repeatedly. Not to mention the squatting and standing all day has worked muscles that I'm not used to working and they now scream at me too when I move.  Can I just say it sucks getting old!!!

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