Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's what I do.

It's been so busy and hectic here. I've had several photo sessions already this week and quite a few more by Saturday. Plus a play we're attending tomorrow. My daughter has rehearsals for her play at school and rehearsals will begin next week for the Christmas show that she's going to also be in. It's hectic to say the least. Because even though a photo session is over, it's not really. I spend a good day or two (if not up to a week) editting the pictures. My photography business has hit a growth spurt lately, which is an amazing thing. I'm just hoping it keeps going. I love taking pictures and doing these shoots. I'm really looking forward to things to come with this opportunity.
I was told today that one of the clients I just did photos for has been looking at her pics over and over that I posted in a teaser for her. I have to say, I could cry thinking that I have captured the passion and the love they've portrayed in these pictures and that I have given her something that she will love the rest of her life. THAT is what it's all about!!  That's why I do what I do. I love that I'm capturing something that can last forever. When people forget how they felt or what was happening or what they say, they can look back at these pictures and remember exactly what it was like to be in that moment again. I love it!

Onto other things, Kansas felt a little rumble a couple times in the past week. We did get a little of the earthquakes that hit in Oklahoma. I personally did not feel a thing. My husband did. And it just took him two days to realize it was the earthquake. I should have known that if I could sleep through fire alarms going off in a hotel room on our Senior trip 20 some years ago that I would also sleep through an earthquake. HAHA imagine that!

The weather the past few days has been so gloomy and dreary that it makes me want to curl up in bed. My mood matches it most days. Mainly because the cold, damp air really makes my body hurt. The arthritis is unbearable, even with meds, and the PVD doesn't help anything. The Peripheral Vascular Disease makes me achy anyway, and as a morning ritual as I'm blow-drying my hair, I always spend a few minutes with the heat blowing on my legs and feet as well. Heat just makes it feel so much better. I so wish I had a suit that I could wear with continuous heat blowing on me from the waist down. Now that would be awesome!! So, now that it's colder out, I just want to wrap my legs in an electric blanket at work just to ease the discomfort. blaaaah!
The weather also makes it a task to get the pup to go out. God love her little heart. She hates to get wet. So, it ends up that I have to actually go out and stand in the middle of the rain with her so she'll actually go. She's the sneaky little thing that will stand under the edge of the roof close to the house and go there so she doesn't get as wet. I always end up getting the bad end of that deal. Just saying.

I'm off to get more editting done. I have so much to do tonight and Mount Washmore has been looming over me as well.
Have a good one ya'll!

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