Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's getting real.

I've been working pretty hard on the photography thing lately. I have finished all my classes and I'm down to the last two projects. I've been racking my brain on one of the projects for weeks now trying to decide what to do. It's a still life project with the scenario being for an art gallery. I'm trying to stay away from anything that looks commercial, which is what my thoughts tend to drift back to. My artistic muse is spinning it's wheels. Definitely time to do some random, thoughtless, creative shoots that will kick-start my genius creativity.
I've done 5 studio shoots in the past week. All of which are sitting on an SD card waiting to be editted since my computer went in for repair a week ago. Do you know how lost it feels not having the computer? It's not like I don't have three other computers in the house. But that one is MY computer I do ALL my work on. But I can say, the Geek Squad at Best Buy have this wonderful tracker. I've tracked the progress on my computer every day. And it's finally been received, repaired, and shipped back to the store. I'm just waiting for it to reach the store and I get the call/notification that I can pick it up. Which will mean I will drop everything that day and go get it. HA!
I've also been working on getting my photography business up and running. Not that I wasn't already doing professional shoots. BUT...I have a studio set up now, as well as a light kit. I feel so professional. It's getting real. So, I spent yesterday morning taking inventory of all my equipment and props. I'm no where near done with this list. I just have a general version of it right now. But I have technical work to do as far as keeping track of serial numbers, etc. My files with equipment receipts, etc have been started. I've got a rough outline of the contract I will be using, as well as estimates, rights releases, etc. I also have business cards ready to be designed and printed. AND my portfolio is a constant work in progress. I need to have those shots printed and placed in this spectacular portfolio binder that I can thank my mother for (thanks Mom!).
I went through all the pictures I've done during photo shoots this weekend and I've realized how far I've come in just this past year. My compositions, poses, lighting, everything has gotten so much better. I'd like to say it's from the classes I've taken, but I think most of it has been through practice. And I'm so proud of myself and so pleased with how my shots are turning out now. Most of them in the last shoot, I will barely have to touch in the editting process. :) yay me!
here are a few for your viewing pleasure.... (all photos copyright Shari Shackelford 2012. Any use, copying, alterations, etc not authorized!)

Today is a beautiful day and I'm seriously considering going out to take some pics. That is once my arthritis meds kick in and I don't feel like I'm dragging cement blocks around with me.

Stay tuned for more of my photography business. And if you're local, send me a message and I'll get your session scheduled. ;)


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