Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn makes me feel...

homesick! Autumn reminds me of being back home. Home being West Virginia/Virginia.  I spent my childhood in both states (we lived on the state line). And there's nothing quite like the mountains being covered in red, orange, and yellow leaves this time of year.  Our family had a tradition of having a picnic back in the woods every fall. I really miss that.
We went to the Riverwalk today because we'd heard the colors were awesome right now. We were disappointed to say the least. There were no reds, very little orange. Everything was still green with the changing leaves appearing yellow or brown. Hmph.
But...I will say just being out there was still wonderful.  I took some amazing pictures. At least, I think they're amazing, and I had a great time taking them. (These pics were taken in Kansas. for the record)
I'll share a few here if you haven't already seen them on facebook. :)

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