Saturday, October 1, 2011

This is NOT sleeping in!

I'm exhausted. It's been an exhausting week. Eh...who am I kidding? It's been an exhausting several weeks. So, I kinda wanted to sleep in today. Didn't happen. At least not in the definition of what I consider to be "sleeping in". 
Sleeping in when you're a teenager is completely different as an adult. When I was a teenager and wanted to sleep in, anywhere near noon or afternoon qualified.  The age that I'm at now, anywhere before 9 am qualifies. what the hell? It doesn't even feel the same. Even back in the early 20's and clubbing days, you could still get a good sleep in until 2 or 3 pm. But now....good Lord that's just a day of your life gone you'll never get back.
These days, it's always something stupid that wakes you up. Like, you have to pee at 8 am every morning. Stupid bladder.
Or the dog has to pee at 7 am. Stupid dog's bladder.

So, this morning, this is how I woke up...
First my back was hurting. so I tossed and turned a little.
Then, I felt the urge to pee. Then the back thing again.  Then the dog started pawing at me.
She finally gave up and laid down, I still need to pee at this point but am determined to go back to sleep. Then the back thing. And light is shining through the blinds in my face. Cover my head with a pillow.
Then at 8:30 sharp, my husbands alarm goes off on his phone. At which point, I cannot get it turned off and fought with it for 45 seconds which felt like 10 minutes into eternity!
I gave up and went to pee.

I'm back in bed now just relaxing. But I'm thinking about all the things we're doing today. And the post-wide yard sales are going on. I really need to go looking for a chair for my desk.
But it's so comfy here in my bed. Maybe I'll go to the yard sale next door and I can say I went.

I just had a massive scare! You type and type then all of a sudden the entire screen is highlighted and's gone.
I literally yelled out loud..."NOOOOOOOOOOO". 
Thank God for back arrow buttons.

Anyway, I'm completely random this morning, I'm going to either a) get up and get dressed or b) roll over with my precious cat who's laying here purring like a fine European sports car.

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. I had that same dilemma this morning. I think my bladder enlarged to the size of a watermelon last night because I know I peed for a good 3 minutes non stop once I got up. t.m.i. I know. LOL love ya!!