Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'll have a mental health day and a grande mocha with whipped cream please.

How does one go about taking a mental health day? Does it have to be a dramatic encounter ending in a day off laying in a stupor watching 80's tv show re-runs with drool puddling on your couch cushions?
Or can you just pretend to be sick? Or is it perfectly acceptable to say "I need a mental health day"? Do you schedule it? or just let it happen?

Do we see a pattern here? 

So, once on a "mental health" day...what would one do? Does it work like the previous scenario I mentioned? Or do you get dressed up and go out on the town? Or is this one of those days thats all hush-hush and you have to hide out in your house pretending you're really un-well and not able to go anywhere since you obviously didn't go to work?

I've been thinking about a day just for me. But I don't understand why I'm going about this like buying a car. I have to talk myself into it. It's a big step. I can't decide what to do. And I don't know why this is such a hard thing for me. Probably because I don't miss work unless I have to. I've always been one to go to work even when I've been sick as a dog. Yes, I am one of those people who are so dedicated to my job that I will subject making everyone I come into contact with as deathly ill as I am just so I don't miss a day of work.
Okay...slight exaggeration. If I'm deathly ill, I do stay home. Otherwise, yes, I am at work. I think I have serious issues because I feel guilty if I'm not at work.  I don't understand this. And I'm not sure if any counselling would ever really figure this out.

I'd rather plan it all out before I actually have that dramatic encounter/meltdown that forces me to stay home
If I do have a day off, just for me, with no one to answer to or take care of, I think I would like to sleep in. Then coffee and some time with my puppy. Picture taking, A nice slow walk to take in my surroundings. Maybe read a book.
.All this sounds so wonderful. But I don't know that it would really happen that way. Knowing me, I'd be the one laying in a puddle of my own saliva on the couch watching re-runs of something stupid.
hmph. Whichever.
It still sounds wonderful to me.



  1. You mean it's not normal to lie in a puddle of your own saliva? I do that on a regular basis. Hmm. Maybe I need a counselor.
    Take a day off sister! You need one! Want me to call in sick for you?? Cause I'll do it! You know I will!

  2. ya know...it's really hard to admit you need a day off. I can say it over and over...but jokingly.