Thursday, October 13, 2011


My twin sister tells me yesterday over the phone that I should be expecting a package today and not to assume its from anyone before I read the message on the packing slip. She pauses. Then says it'll be arriving UPS. Then pauses. Throws in that she expects a blog about my reaction when I open it. She pauses. I said "If I wait long enough you'll tell me what it is." She didn't. But knowing our birthday's just around the corner, who knows about her. She sucks at keeping secrets like that. She can't stand the excitement! haha I love you seester!
So, I get home today and sure enough, I have a package. The box says it's from  I cut the box open and look inside and my instant reaction was "NO FREAKING WAY!!!".  As everyone knows, I'm studying photography and have been doing photo sessions lately to improve myself. So, to my shock when I opened the box I found this....................
I was so excited!! Because I've been looking at lenses and was hoping for a new one. When I picked it up out of the box however, I realized this didn't weigh anything like a lens of this quality should weigh. Then I notice this.............
awwwwww!!! was a coffee mug!! HAHAHAHAHA Good one sister!!
But that's also great! Cause I loooove me some coffee!!! So, I guess the next pic I'll be taking will be of me drinking out of my lens mug! haha

Thanks Seester!!! I love you!!!!

There was also a catalog in the box from this website.  I understand why they call it that. It's got some geeky sort of stuff in it. And I use geeky in the best way possible!! Like there's some really cool novelty items in there. I could actually see us ordering some of this stuff for the kids.
Like...a Harry Potter wand which is a tv remote. That would be cool. They also had science type stuff, spy stuff. Just check out the website if you get bored. It was entertaining for about five minutes.

Another geeky thing related to science and photography...the classes I work with at school had to dissect a cow eye in science class today. So of course, I took pictures. I even donned gloves and got in there and helped cut fat and muscle from around the eye. That didn't bother me at all. The smell, however, made me nauseous. I was so queasy when I left work today. And it took quite a while to get over it and the thoughts of cutting that meaty/fleshy/smelly stuff. But overall it was very interesting. My favorite part was the tapetum (one of the kids favorite terms).  That was pretty awesome. Imagine these pictures showing up in the school's yearbook. BAHAHAHA

Guess I'm off to the commissary to get sustenance for the family. Otherwise we're gonna waste away to nothing.

Have a good one ya'll!!

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  1. I'm sooooo glad you liked it!! I knew that was the sort of reaction you would make. hehehe I wish I had been a fly on the wall. :) Love you!!